“...you can pull off shots that are literally impossible with other dollies.”

- Julian Smith

“Bottom line, the Omni-Tracker’s unique design and small size creates high-end shots at minimal financial cost.”

  - Jeanne Rawlings

     Videomaker Magazine

“For those looking into live-action independent shorts, I can’t recommend this little tool enough.”

- Carlos Baena

“...Omni tracker slim line pro. It’s great and cheap.”

- Philip Bloom

Slim-Line LITE

US$ 495

Slim-Line Lite



    19.25 inches  by 17.5 inches

    48.90 cm by 44.45 cm


    5 lb (2.3 kg)

Included wheels:

    Black 76 mm urethane

    ABEC 7 bearings

    7mm Aluminum bearing spacer


    Precision CNC machined Plastic



Maximum load:

    15 lb (38.5 kg)

Availability: In stock. Usually ships within 24 hrs.

New Slim-Line Lite Features:

  1. The Slim-Line Lite now sports a handle for improved operator experience.

  1. The Omni-Tracker dial indication system is now machined into the body for
      maximum accuracy and durability.

Raise the production value of your next shoot with the Omni-Tracker Slim-Line Pro portable camera dolly system. Budgets are tight everywhere these days...  Any Producer will quickly see the $ advantage of Omni-Tracker over traditional dollies when comparing costs of setup times and the number of people required to operate the system.

Omni-Tracker isn’t just a table top dolly. Straight moves, arced moves, orbiting shots, shots with extremely low angles or in very tight spaces can all be added to the DP’s creative arsenal.  Check out our Quick-Start Guide and see how intuitive and flexible it is to use.

When it comes to affordable moving support systems, why limit yourself with a “Slider” when you can have so much more versatility and creative control with Omni-Tracker?

  1. The Omni-Tracker system doesn’t have any “length” limitations! All you need is a smooth surface to roll on and you are in business. Roll on a floor, a coffee table, a hollow core door mounted on C-Stands, a fold out table, you name it...  You can really only be limited my your imagination.

  1. Create any number of arced moves, orbiting shots, or even use Omni-Tracker as a base to create a lazy suzan turntable for rotating product shots ala QVC.

Slim-Line Lite is CNC machined out of  a single .375 inch sheet of Machinable Plastic (polyvinylchloride) with build quality that we are proud of. It can effortlessly support up to 15 pounds of camera/head.

Check below for available Options and Accessories.

Laser Alignment Tool


  1. Alignment Puck

  2. LED Laser

  3. Replacement batteries

US$ 145

What’s Included:

  1. 1 Slim-Line Lite portable camera dolly.

  2. 1 Standard 3/8-16 mounting bolt and washer

  3. 3 80mm elastomer wheels with Abec 7 bearings

  4. 1 Back up wheel axle w/ compression washers

  5. 1 5/16 allen wrench

Warranty: One Year

Core Slim-Line Lite Options      (click option image below for additional information)

Im2700 Storm/Pelican Case


  1. Die-cut foam Omni--Tracker interior top layer with bottom section divider.

US$ 225

Omni-Tracker Steadybag

  1. Steadybag virtually eliminates camera shake without the need for time-consuming tripod head setup.

US$ 55

Customizable Foam Bottom Layer

  1. Bottom 3 inch layer of customizable Pick and Pluck foam to protect your grip and other products.

US$ 45

Replacement Wheel Set

  1. 3 80mm Elastomer Wheels (made in USA)

  2. 6 Smooth Abec 7 bearings

  3. 3 Alloy axle bearing spacers

  4. 3 Steel axles with compression washers

US$ 35

Availability: In stock.

Availability: In stock.

Availability: In stock.

Availability: In stock.

Availability: In stock.

Portable Surface ideas?


iPhone 4/4S Camera Stand / Mount

  1. Ever wish you could mount your iPhone to standard 1/4-20 threaded camera grip? Now you can...

US$ 59.95

Availability: In stock.

What can I mount to OT?