Turn your iPhone into a vintage photobooth with Pocketbooth: the photobooth that fits in your pocket. Pocketbooth perfectly replicates the intimacy, spontaneity, and hilarity of a traditional photobooth. Perfect for a party, or a laid back family gathering.

Slow Shutter Cam:

Slow Shutter Cam brings new life into your iphone’s photo toolbox by letting you capture a variety of amazing slow shutter speed effects that you only thought you could get with a DSLR. The Light Trail mode allows you to 'paint' with light, show car light trails and fireworks or capture any other moving light in a unique way.


iPhone 4/4S Camera Mount Attachment by Omni-Tracker:

The iPhone 4/4S has an amazing camera in it and it is always with you. Ever want to mount it to something so you could use it like your DSLR? Now you can...  Like all of the products that we make at Omni-Tracker, the iPhone camera mount we’ve developed has come about because of direct requests from our customers. Even more importantly, I wanted this one!


CEO / Designer

Main Features:

  1. Securely connects to your iPhone 4/4S ( “naked” ) and still easily fits in your pocket.

• Has 3 - Standard 1/4 - 20 threaded holes for mounting to a plethora of camera rigs and grip!

• Acts as a stand by itself for Portrait or Landscape camera usage hands free.

• Provides protection to your iPhones screen when placed on a table.

  1. CNC construction - MADE IN USA - by ME - one at a time!

• The camera mount makes it easy to more firmly grip the camera for taking pictures or single hand iPhone usage.

  1. Precision CNC construction from machinable plastic that won’t scratch your iPhone - MADE IN USA - by ME - one at a time!

Some Favorite iPhone apps Which Benefit from iPhone 4/4S Mount:

iTimeLapse Pro:

Create stunning time lapse and stop motion videos straight from your iphone! iTimeLapse allows you to capture a series of images rapidly and then compile them into a video. With the 'overlay last frame' feature, you can line up your next shot for awesome stop-motion animation! One of our favorite apps to use with the iPhone Camera Mount...

AutoStitch Panorama:

Use the camera in AutoStitch or any other camera app to snap overlapping photos taken from the same location. AutoStitch uses state-of-the-art technology that automatically recognizes and smoothly combines overlapping images, making panorama creation on the iPhone easy, fast and fun. Combined with the Omni-Tracker iphone camera mount, the results you can achieve are amazing!

US$ 69.95

iPhone 4/4S Camera Mount Attachment

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Usually ships within 24 hours of confirmed order.

US$ 89.95

Shipping and Handling via USPS Priority Mail (6-10 days) Usually ships within 24 hours of confirmed order.

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Have Questions about the Omni-Tracker iPhone Mount or would like to suggest a favorite app of yours? Feel free to contact us and let us know...