Omni-Tracker Surface Ideas:

All Omni-Tracker needs is a smooth surface to roll on and you are quickly creating fluid moving camera shots! A smooth floor, a coffee table, a rolling cart, a board on top of apple boxes / milk crates, a couple light stands with a $20 hollow core door from the hardware store... This gallery is a collection of ideas including a portable solution made with off of the shelf grip equipment from manufacturers like Avenger, Mitchell, Arri, etc. It’s easy to create an adjustable platform using C-Stands that has a camera lens Z height range from 18” - over 60”.

C-Stand Adjustable Surface Concept Parts List:

    • Avenger F800 - Baby Wall Plate - 3"

    • Avenger D200 Grip Head - 2.5"

    • Avenger A450 - Mighty Baby Stand